By Annabelle Goodman –

665 College St
416 536 7575

It is hard to find a good restaurant open on a Sunday evening. I finally Googled to find anything in the downtown area that was opened. Fortunately Vivoli was almost across the road from the Royal Cinema where I was going to see a late afternoon film. I struck gold.

My friend and I love to discover a new restaurant for our repertoire. We have been so lucky and always have such fun dining in style while talking about the news of the day. This is obviously a neighborhood restaurant and it was packed. (But not overly noisy) There is an upstairs room as well as the main floor. During the warmer months the roof top patio is a pleasant spot for outdoor dining.It has a homey welcoming atmosphere and we felt good vibes as soon as we arrived. Our charming server, Laura was most attentive and charming. I was not surprised to learn that she is training as a graphic designer at George Brown. She has a future ahead of her and she added to the pleasure of the evening.

The menu was extensive, offering all the best of Italian cuisine.

We watched in awe as the magnificent pizzas were served at the other tables. The young lady who was making the pizzas was kept busy all evening stretching and rolling that dough. The crusts were thin and the toppings looked delicious. It is already marked down for a future visit.

My friend ordered the Linguine di Vivoli.($21.95). There were mussels, baby clams. calamari and shrimp. She raved about the fresh tasting tomato and white wine sauce as well as the tantalizing taste of the seafood. Unusual for us we barely talked because we were enjoying our food so much.

I had my favorite pasta dish, Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimps.($11.95) The numerous shrimps were large and perfectly cooked. I would love the recipe for that magnificent sauce. Every bite was mouth watering delicious.

Romeo & Juliet offers a platter of marinated and grilled calamari and black tiger shrimp.($23.95)

Salmone alla Griglia is offered daily.($18.95) All entrees offer 2 choices from the oven roasted potatoes, mixed greens or seasonal sautéed vegetables.

This was a love affair of superb food in a charming friendly atmosphere