By Annabelle Goodman –

1988  Avenue Rd
416 481 1188

It is invigorating to try a new restaurant in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Many years ago I   lived near Wilson and Avenue Rd and Rossini has been a successful Italian restaurant for 40 years. I thought it would be fun to try it again after many years. My family lives in the vicinity and was thrilled to discover a new place (for them) in the area.

I liked the fact there was parking at the back of the restaurant. There is also ample parking on side streets. I entered through the kitchen to arrive at the front of the restaurant. The kitchen was spotless. That was a great beginning. Alberto, our server, was friendly and ready to be of service. Sparkling white table cloths are always inviting. Even though they were comfortably filled it was quiet. The ambiance was welcoming and pleasant. The room is divided up so that one has the feeling of private dining.

 My grandson enjoyed a large bowl of Stracciatella Soup.($4.50) His parents sampled some and all 3 agreed it was superbly flavored.

The Lasagna al Forno ($11.95) was served in a white casserole dish with a sprig of chives. The oven baked layers of pasta were prepared with béchamel sauce, meat sauce or vegetable mixture and grated Grana Padano cheese. It looked so appealing. My daughter-in-law is an exceptionally fine cook. She praised the lasagna.

My son enjoyed the Canneloni di Vitello alla Rossini ($11.75). Alberto assured him it was one of the most popular dishes. The presentation was appealing and the taste was tantalizing.  The company was good so we were all having a great time.

My grandson has a healthy appetite and appreciates fine food. He declared the Gnocchi di Patate a great success.($10.75) The homemade potato dumpling was served with a choice of tomato, cream or rose sauce. Apparently it literally dissolved on the palate and  was very flavorful.

I was in the mood for a Pizza. I loved the fact that the Pizza al Forno allows you to choose a personal pizza from a list of selections. A large number of ingredients are offered for $1.00 a selection above the $10.00 basic fee. I was told I could have a thin crust. I chose eggplant and zucchini, mushrooms and tomatoes. The basic pizza included the sauce and cheese. I was so pleased with the amount of the toppings. The pizza was outstanding. I asked for some hot red pepper flakes and enjoyed the pizzazz that it offered.

The menu offers a large assortment of home made pasta and sauces. Rigatoni Rossini is back on the menu by popular demand. Rigatoni pasta is combined with bacon sausage and meat sauce.($13.95)

The Appetizers would be an excellent choice for a lighter lunch. Pasta e Fagioli is a classic rustic Italian dish of white kidney beans with a hodgepodge of pastas and fresh herbs.($5.95) The Insalta di Rucola offers baby arugula with slivers of Gran Padano and oven toasted cured prosciutto dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.($6.50)

Of course a variety of Entrees is available. Vitello Al Limone offers the traditional veal scaloppini in a lemon and white wine demi-glace.($17.95) Pollo alla Rossini is prepared with a grilled chicken breast cooked in a light wine sauce and served with a medley of vegetables and roasted potatoes.($16.95)

Great food! Excellent Service!