University students across Canada: What is federal party position on climate change

Over 38 non-profit organizations and student campus associations across Canada are co-hosting a federal pre-election town hall on climate change.  “Climate change is arguably one of the most prominent issues of our generation,” says Alice Zhu, President and Co-Founder of Climate Impact Network, and a main organizer of the town hall.

“Youth want to know what each party is going to do to tackle this major issue and to reverse the environmentally-degrading behaviour that Canada has unfortunately adopted in recent years.”

Matthew Kellway, Elizabeth May, and John McKay of the NDP, Green and Liberal will be present at the town hall to discuss their views on Canada’s role in tackling climate change.  6 partner universities will host live Skype viewings of the town hall with over an expected viewership of a thousand university students.

New, young voters want to know how a government by one party would do better at addressing the climate crisis than a government of either of the other parties. We want specifics on carbon pricing, regulations, government procurement policies and any other means the parties would adopt. We want to know how each party’s plan to tackle climate change will meet targets set with our international partners.

The event will be held on Monday, March 2, 2015 from 6-8 p.m. at the Fitzgerald Building Rm 103, 150 College Street, Toronto.

For further information contact:
Alice Zhu, Climate Impact Network, 6478681388,