A few tricky ways to steal a girl from her boyfriend

Imagine the situation: you met a girl and fell in love with her, but there’s one tiny problem: she has a boyfriend. Or some guy wants to steal your girlfriend, and it seems like he’s going to do it. What should you do to turn this problem in your favour? How to steal a girl from her boyfriend and not get a mortal enemy in the process? If you really want to make a girl like you, these pieces of advice may come in handy!

How to steal a girl

So, you met a cute girl, and now you don’t want to let her go. She has a boyfriend? So what? If the beauty you’re interested in isn’t single, the first thing you should do is to make a good first impression. When stealing someone’s girlfriend, you need be determined, look confident, and show that you’re much better than your opponent. Here, everything depends on a situation and place you meet, so there’s no universal guide. We’re talking about general advice. Your task is to apply them according to circumstances. Be assertive. If she tells you that she has a boyfriend, say that you don’t care and ask her out for a drink. Keep using your charm until her defences are broken.

Perhaps, there may be a situation when her boyfriend finds out about his lady’s affair and starts threatening you. If there’s nothing more serious than a couple of bruises at stake, let him beat you up a bit. But this should happen in front of the girl, so she could see what an asshole her boyfriend is. This will definitely play into your hands. Although, everything depends on how much the girl is interested in you and your competitor. Act according to the situation.

How to steal a girl back

Now, that you know how to steal a girl from her boyfriend, let’s see what you can do if someone tries to steal your girl from you. To begin with, we should mention that there’s no need in threatening your competitor. Even if your capabilities are significantly higher than his, your girlfriend may find another one once you scare this guy away. Maybe the problem is not in him but in you. You need to figure out why she thinks he’s better and the best. After all, the girl has the right to choose what’s best for her. But it doesn’t matter who gives her what she wants, so why shouldn’t it be you?

Step one

Don’t put pressure on her. Just pretend that you don’t know anything about her new boyfriend. She will probably find out that you know on her own sooner or later, but until that, don’t tell her about it yourself. You need to dedicate as much of your time as possible to her, taking her to new and exciting places and pampering her with gifts.

Step two

Did she notice that attention you began giving to her? The first stage is passed. Your second step is to make her think that you’re going to break up with her. Remember, you must do this before she completely loses all interest and dumps you. She must feel that you’re starting to slip out of her hands, but there’s still a chance to win you back. She’ll have to decide whom to choose: you or your competitor. And she’ll most likely choose you simply because she knows what kind of a person you are. There won’t be a place for other guys in her head. This trick will help you get your girlfriend back!

Step three

During the third stage, you should continue doing all the tips from step two. This means that your attention should still be drawn to her, so she could see how kind, caring, and affectionate you are. Then cut all contacts with her for a while. Make her afraid of losing you. The main thing is not to overdo it and put too much distance between you.

Now it’s her turn. The girl will do her best to hold you, and you may just relax, knowing that no one will steal your girlfriend. Enjoy all the attention she gives you. She won’t be looking for a new boyfriend anymore. Now that the girl is no longer interested in your competitor, you can open a bottle of champagne and celebrate your small victory.