How much does a date cost in world’s biggest cities?

How much does it cost to ask your significant other out in London, Moscow, Vienna or Copenhagen? To answer this interesting question, a group of analysts from Deutsche Bank annually draws up the so-called “dating index.” When comparing the prices, experts consider several factors, such as the costs of a taxi ride, dinner for two, non-alcoholic drinks, two movie tickets, and a couple of glasses of beer. Usually, the study involves the 47 largest cities. So, how much do dates cost in each corner of the world?

Budget dates

For several years, Zurich has been holding the title of the most expensive city for a date. A cheap romantic evening in the financial centre of Switzerland will cost US$196. Oslo ($167) and Tokyo ($163) come next. The cheapest cities for a date are in Southeast Asia: in Manila, the date cost isn’t higher than $39 compared to $42 in Jakarta. In Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi and Bangalore the number reaches $44. The capital of Russia, Moscow, took 35th place with an average $77 for a date. All prices increased by $12 compared to last index

When asking his girlfriend out, the average Briton will have to pay quite a lot. According to some calculations, a budget date in London costs 129 pounds ($163) for two. This includes the cost of transportation, cosmetics, entertainment, food, and drinks. That’s almost two times bigger than couples in Rome, Berlin, or Paris spend on a date and everything that happens after it. In the capitals of Germany and France, daters spend an average of $63 per date, $64 in Italy, and $74 in index

Here’s an interesting fact: British economy receives around 5.89 billion pounds sterling per year ($7.41 billion) from dating. Approximately half of each date cost in Britain goes to bars, pubs, and restaurants (48%).dating index

Expensive dates

In addition to dating index, specialists from Deutsche Bank made a few more indexes, including the “bad habits index,” for which analysts compared the prices for beer and cigarettes and the “weekend getaway index” that includes prices for trips to other cities for two nights, and also the level of quality of life in general. What does this mean and how much do dates cost in this case?

The bad habits index was calculated from the total cost of five bottles or cans of beer and two packs of cigarettes. The most expensive cities, according to this index, are Oslo ($75) and Melbourne ($ 75), followed by Oakland ($65), Sydney ($65), and Singapore ($64). In Johannesburg, Prague, and Manila beer and cigarettes cost a lot cheaper (about $14). Moscow took 33rd place ($29).

The weekend getaway index includes the cost of a standard room in a five-star hotel for two nights, two meals in a restaurant for two, 2-day car rent, two pints of beer, four litres of soft drinks or water and several shopping trips for jeans or sneakers. The most expensive city is Milan ($2092), followed by Copenhagen ($2006), Zurich ($1926), London ($1920) and Stockholm ($1803). The most budget cities for a weekend trip, according to Deutsche Bank, are Istanbul ($740), New Delhi ($782), and Manila ($789). Moscow took the 12th place ($1561).

How much does online dating cost?

Most of the popular online dating websites are international, and the prices for them are fixed. However, standard features on such services as OkCupid and Tinder are free, and access to additional functions costs from $10 per month. On average, the registration and profile upgrade on dating sites will cost you from $11 to $50 a month, depending on the popularity of the site, the number of its features, and the size of the profile database. It doesn’t matter in which country you live. The prices are always the same.