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Council of Canadians slams Trudeau water sellout

The Trudeau government introduced sweeping changes to Canada’s water, environmental and energy legislation. For people like you and me who care deeply about water, we’ve been waiting more than five years for this day—ever since the Harper government stripped 99% of ...

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Nestle’s obscene ‘grand theft’ of our water

Here in Ontario, the fight to stop Nestlé’s outrageous water grabs is reaching a boiling point – and your voice is urgently needed. The Council of Canadians has discovered that the bottled water giant has been pumping water out of ...

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Council of Canadians boycott Nestlé bottled water

Dylan Penner – The Council of Canadians launched a national boycott campaign against Nestlé in Guelph last night. Guelph and the neighbouring region of Wellington County are currently ground zero for a battle between a local community protecting their water ...

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