More songwriters live Downtown West: SOCAN new music study

SOCAN has crunched creator numbers once again to understand better where and how music is being made in Canada, revealing that more new music-makers reside in the Trinity / Little Portugal area of Toronto than in any other neighbourhood in Canada. This diverse and culturally-rich neighborhood in Toronto’s south-western quadrant is a hub of creative musical talent, live music venues, and businesses using music to their advantage.

Canada’s Music Creator Growth Centre was uncovered by analyzing the number of songwriters, composers and music publishers who became SOCAN members in the last calendar year in all Canadian areas with populations of more than 20,000. Toronto neighbourhoods took four of the top 10 spots on the list, with both Vancouver and Montréal hubs comprising the balance.

“We’re not surprised to see that neighbourhoods with thriving arts communities, live music venues, and other elements of Canada’s music ecosystem are showing the greatest growth,” said SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste. “Whether the neighbourhood attracts the music creators and publishers, or the music creators and publishers build the neighbourhood is unclear, but it’s definitely a symbiotic relationship. Music plays a major part in making these places the vibrant and cool communities that they are. Congratulations to Toronto’s Trinity / Little Portugal on being Canada’s top Music Creator Growth Centre!”

SOCAN’s top 10 Music Creator Growth Centres in Canada:

  1. Trinity / Little Portugal, Toronto (postal code prefix M6J)
  2. Christie, Toronto (M6G)
  3. Rosemont, Montréal (H1Y)
  4. Brockton / Parkdale Village / Exhibition Place, Toronto (M6K)
  5. Centre-Sud, Montréal (H2K)
  6. North Grandview-Woodland, Vancouver (V5L)
  7. Dufferin / Dovercourt Village, Toronto (M6H)
  8. Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal (H2J)
  9. Outremont, Montréal (H2V)
  10. Petite-Patrie Southwest, Montréal (H2S)

SOCAN also determined the most successful songwriting and composing region in each province and territory:

  1. Alberta, Bridgeland/ Greenview/ Zoo/ YYC, Calgary (T2E)
  2. British Columbia, North Grandview– Woodland, Vancouver (V5L)
  3. Manitoba, River Heights East, Winnipeg (R3L)
  4. New Brunswick, Caraquet (E1W)
  5. Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s (Central) (A1E)
  6. Northwest Territories & Nunavut, Yellowknife (X1A)
  7. Nova Scotia, Southwest Mainland (B0W)
  8. Ontario, Trinity / Little Portugal, Toronto (M6J)
  9. Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown (South East) (C1A)
  10. Quebec, Rosemont, Montréal (H1Y)
  11. Saskatchewan, Regina South (S4S)
  12. Yukon, Whitehorse (Y1A)

This is the second year that SOCAN has, through its data, recognized the importance and value of music creator neighbourhoods and the role that they play in the lives of musicians and composers.

In 2016 SOCAN identified the neighbourhoods in Canada with the highest number of successful music creators per capita, based on average royalties earned in the calendar year, with Montréal’s Mile End emerging as the winner.