Seen: Autism Laughs

Autism Laughs brought an innovative approach to fundraising to the Steamwhistle Brewery on Nov. 3.

By combining live music, great food, and enticing auction prizes, Autism Laughs managed to bring out a great crowd for a great cause. But what really makes this event unique was its use of stand-up comedy by comedians who them selves are experiencing mental issues.

The edgy and witty Michael McCreary has been experiencing Asperger’s Syndrome for most of his life while headliner Christophe Davidson was only recently diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 disorder.

Kerry’s Place Autism Services has been holding this event for 17 consecutive years. Last year’s event raising $50,000 for the families of autistic youth. With 1 in 6 people suffering from some type of autism, its not hard to understand why organizations and fundraisers like this are so important.

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—Tyler J. Edwards