Province boosts Sherbourne Health Centre

Aim is to provide health service and care to all, including the marginalized, in “a loving way,” says Smitherman

By Frank Touby –


Health and Long-Term Care Minister George Smitherman addresses community health workers and recipients in announcing increased provincial funding for Sherbourne Health Centre.

MPP George Smitherman, Ontario’s deputy premier, wore his health and long-term care minister hat Nov. 9 to announce a major provincial increase in funding for the Sherbourne Health Centre at 333 Sherbourne St. Next year the province will allocate over $2 million in new money to hire new staff and add another 35,000 primary care service visits per year.

It makes up for the loss the community suffered when Wellesley Hospital was closed by the previous Tory regime, or, as Smitherman put it: “was ripped from our area.”

The Sherbourne Health Centre has been substantially upgraded and construction is expected to be complete in January. It is part of the Liberals’ Family Health Team concept to enhance access to primary health care, especially among the marginalized.

“Equity is a fundamental characteristic of a health system,” Smitherman said. He added, Sherbourne Health Centre shares that mission “to give service and care provided in a loving way.”