Future use for buildings from the past: Old City Hall survey opens

Old City Hall. Courtesy of Heritage Toronto.

Old City Hall. Courtesy of Heritage Toronto.

The City of Toronto Real Estate Services Division, together with the Economic Development and Culture Division has been directed to undertake consultations on the future uses and possible inclusion of a City of Toronto museum at Old City Hall. Currently, Old City Hall is occupied by Provincial and Municipal Courts that are scheduled to vacate by the end of 2021. New uses are required for the building that allow greater public access, celebrate the heritage of the building, and meet a number of civic objectives.

Public participation is an important part of the process to determine the appropriate future uses for Old City Hall. A public consultation meeting was held on November 22. Please visit this link to download the presentation materials from this meeting.

Heritage Toronto is encouraging all Torontonians, and especially heritage buffs, to contribute to the future of an iconic landmark. Please do your part and take the time to complete the city’s online survey; deadline is December 7.

You can take the survey here.