M Square

123 Queen St W 647 350 6444

It might be difficult to find this superb coffee house on your first visit. It is situated on the Path outside the Sheraton Centre on the lower level. Once you have discovered this fabulous coffee house you will never be lost again. The café recently opened and I wondered how well it would do nestled between boutique shops and little food outlets. Every time I go by I see a lot of people enjoying this newly discovered spot. This was my second visit.

The coffee is a gourmet delight and artfully prepared. The young men working here take their coffee very seriously. The country of the coffee’s origin often changes as they discover new and better beans. Don’t rush off with your coffee. Stop and chat with the baristas who are only too happy to describe the coffee and preparation. They are experts at their profession and love to tell you about the process.

Justin Corriere is the manager and he is running a delightful establishment. The tables are made of a charming wood. The décor is inviting. There are lists of available teas and coffees. It is now getting into the season for chilled coffee selections.

I will always have my adored Macchiato. This was the best. I loved the colorful little red cup and saucer. The flower traced on top of the coffee with the foamed milk made for an artful presentation. The flavor of the coffee was smooth and creamy. It was full flavored and totally enjoyed. Each type of coffee is prepared with a different type of coffee bean.

Morning Sandwiches are available. The Pastries are most inviting. The large Chocolate Cookies look so good. Squares and other sweet treats are available. I did notice a cooler with cold drinks and some yogurt.

Coffee can vary so much. This place is proud of its product and it shows. It is a relaxing atmosphere with a cheery staff. The product is superb.