’s online directory goes Canadian

There are literally thousands of lawyers in Canada, but finding a lawyer who specializes in specific areas of law isn’t always easy. You may be looking for an expert to defend your employee rights, or perhaps you need a personal injury lawyer to help you in obtaining legal redress after an accident. If you’re selling your home, you need a real estate attorney and if you’re winding up an estate or are making your own will, you need an estate law attorney.

Consumer confusion when confronted with all the different types of legal practices is natural.

Law is a complicated business, and each lawyer has specific areas in which they are specialists. For consumers, this can make finding the right lawyer to handle their issues confusing, time-consuming and bewildering. Many people are so relieved when they find a lawyer, any lawyer, who can deal with their business, that they don’t ‘shop around’.

Now consumers can pick and choose makes it all straightforward. The established US-based website has gone Canadian and has rolled out their services to all Canadian provinces. According to, there are over 100 legal practice areas, and their consultants can assist you in finding local specialists in any of these. You don’t even have to know what kind of lawyer you’re looking for. It’s just a matter of getting in touch telephonically or via email.

Asha O’Brein, one of the first Canadians to try out the service verifies this: “I called a representative and he was so nice, he told me someone would get back to me shortly. Within a few hours I received several phone calls from a few different lawyers. It was a quick response time, the people were friendly and fast. I would highly recommend it and I was pleasantly surprised.”

Now Asha can take her pick from a number of legal specialists in her area. She didn’t even have to go looking for lawyers – they approached her. That’s the kind of service that saves consumers a significant amount of time and allows them the important element of choice – something that every consumer is entitled to.

If you already know what you’re looking for, it’s a matter of searching the directory, but if you need the right legal specialists for a specific issue and would like help,’s helpdesk is open 7 days a week. Best of all, the helpdesk service is offered at no cost to the consumer. serves legal professionals too

It’s not only consumers that can experience difficulty in finding the right kind of lawyer. Lawyers often find that owing to the complicated nature of the legal profession, they are approached by prospective clients who they simply can’t help since their situations call for legal services that differ from their area of specialization. matches people who need legal advice with lawyers who are specialists in various fields. Everybody benefits. The public are put in touch with lawyers in their area who can help them, and lawyers receive enquiries from people with issues that match their area of expertise.

Canadians benefit from tried and tested services

CEO of, Gerry Gorman says that Canadians will benefit from’s US experience: “Many of our services have taken 6 years to refine in the U.S. market and it’s great that our team can now deliver the same quality, customized for the Canadian market. I believe our excellent matching technology, personalized support, comprehensive lawyer listings and pro bono placement services will be well appreciated by Canadian consumers and Lawyers.”

To sum up, helps consumers to solve the following common problems:

  • Finding local lawyers in a relevant area of legal practice.
  • Getting friendly, real-time help in finding a lawyer to fit their brief.
  • Being able to connect with relevant legal professionals quickly.
  • Finding lawyers to help with pro bono (free) advice and services.

It seems likely that will match their US success with their Canadian rollout, and according to company spokesperson Vita McHale all the requirements for the Canadian service are already in place and the service is ready for use.