Louis Cifer Brew Works

Annabelle Goodman —

What a delightful treat in so many ways! A very special lady was celebrating her birthday. Six friends joined her for a celebratory lunch. We all admire her so much and wanted this to be an outstanding day. We couldn’t believe this establishment has only been in operation for 7 weeks. It is cavernous in size but warm in spirit and décor. We weren’t even aware of other guests because the tables were so well spaced. We felt as if we had a private dining space. We were all so fascinated and impressed with Erin Gamelin. Bravo for her. She is not only the proprietor of this booming restaurant, she also owns another high end comfort food restaurant, Stout, at Parliament and Carlton. She obviously has a fascination with beer. Louis Cifer is also a brewery. While dining you can look through the glass partitions and see the giant containers of beer. Would you believe the brew master is also female? Bravo. We all chuckled over the washroom doors. The pictures on the door were whimsical and artistic. An attractive lady with a wineglass strategically placed clearly showed who was to enter. The men’s room featured a gentleman with a wine bottle covering a special place. The washrooms are so well fitted with well designed modern plumbing. It was actually a conversation topic because we were so impressed.

417 Danforth Ave – 416 994 5591

On the wall behind our table giant letters stated, Surrender To Taste. Was it referring to the beer, the food or the good taste of the diners? I speculate all three. All the dishes were served in large round white bowls. The presentation was most appealing. We were so well treated by Trisha, our server. She was patient with our requests and efficient with the serving. It was all a great treat. One of the diners perfectly described our service as ‘ever present but not in our face.”
One of the guests has recently been ill and required a special diet. This was not a problem. Poached Salmon and mashed potatoes decoratively garnished with watercress appeared as if it was a daily feature. Perfectly cooked and totally appreciated. There was a side garnish of a lemon sauce (without mayonnaise) that could have won top prize on Master Chef.
The birthday girl claimed she had never seen such large Mussels. We all like the way they were presented in a pot and she served herself into a large bowl. We were told they were plump and delicious. The two ladies at the end of the table rejoiced with their Hamburgers. I would say each was enough for 2 persons. The meat was top quality, hand ground and served in a large bun. Many orders of frites and sweet potato frites with aioli were enjoyed by all.
The Grilled Salmon was served in a most unique way. The salmon was nestled on a bed of corn chowder with roasted potatoes. Original! Delicious!
I watched two of the guests enjoy a Beetroot Salad. Red and orange beets were amply arranged on the plate. A generous topping of watercress garnished the plate and added to the flavor. Swirled avocado dressing garnished the salad. Chickpea puree and pickled onions completed this extraordinary dish. They were very pleased with their choice. Caesar Salad may seem mundane but I have tasted many that are not up to par. The romaine lettuce was crisp. The Caesar dressing was flavorful and just the right amount. The croutons were crispy and flavorful. It was a large portion. Totally enjoyed. We all hope the birthday girl was as thrilled as we were.