Red Midtown Tavern

Annabelle Goodman —

I was feeling mellow after a divine yoga class followed by a perfect massage. I had a 2 hour wait for my film. I decided to treat myself. I have dined at Reds on Adelaide St. It is an upscale restaurant offering fine food. This new restaurant is located on the south corner of a big new building just south of College St. It is surrounded by large windows so the place is airy and bright. There are many large size tables. There were several large groups but it was never noisy. I sat at a high table with a stool. I felt on top of the world. I really liked the private glassed in room by the entrance. Upstairs the tables are well spaced and many look down on the action on the first floor. There is a lot brick to give warmth. Check out those high tech creative lights. Wow!

382 Yonge St – 416 977 3200

I think I was the only one enjoying a glass of wine at lunch time. That made it all the more festive. I just pretended I was one of the young 20ish guests having lunch. My eye immediately saw the word ’Tuna’ and I was hooked. Grilled Pacific Albacore Tuna Nicoise was served in a large white bowl. The peppery arugula, marinated French beans, cherry tomatoes, tiny potatoes and egg were highlighted with the flavor of the vinaigrette de Marseille. Slices of my favorite grilled tuna melted in my mouth with delight.
I had considered the Pan Roasted Salmon served with a pea puree, sugar snaps, fingerling potatoes and heirloom carrots with a light aromatic butter sauce. Ciopino is a dish I like to cook at home. Light tomato and white wine seafood stew is prepared with PEI mussels, calamari, shrimp and scallop. It is served with a crusty garlic-rubbed baguette.
The Classic Cheeseburger was a popular item on this day. The hamburger is topped with sharp Canadian cheddar cheese, with horseradish spiked with a special sauce and garden fresh produce.
I watched two young business women enjoying their Grilled Cheese Redux served on caramelized sourdough bread filled with that gooey tasty cheese and sun-dried tomato. The Tandoori Spiced Grilled Chicken Salad was presented in a large bowl with ancient grains, crisp cauliflower, pakora, raisins, candied cashews, warm naan and a ginger dressing.
I had such a great time watching all the beautifully plated dishes going by. The service was exceptional. Monica looked after me with care. Everything was great. When the fish was first presented it was a touch undercooked. No problem. Monica whisked away my plate and returned momentarily with the perfect Nicoise salad.
All the staff was attentive. The Macchiato was quickly delivered and as quickly enjoyed. I will have to do this more often. I liked the menu. There were many choices for a delightful lunch. The friendly service was appreciated. The ambiance was pleasing. What a great way to spend lunchtime.