Last-minute Christmas gift ideas for the gadget-minded

James Careless —
Time is running out before Christmas, and you’re running out of ideas? No problem: Here are some last minute life-savers from the Gadget Zone.
Know a selfie-shooting fanatic? Then help them improve their photos – especially how much they can capture – with a Satechi Smart Selfie Extension Arm.This is a handheld ‘monopod’ on which they can mount their iPhoneAndroid phone, then use the extension arm to move their camera an extra 37.2 inches (94.5 cm) away. To prevent hand strain, the Smart Selfie has a picture-taking control button built into its handle, which connects wirelessly to the smartphone camera being used. The result is bigger and better selfies! $39.99 at

 The Gadget Zone

For the sci-fi fans on your list, there’s a new Doctor Who out there – Peter Capaldi – and a new set of Doctor Who episodes to buy on DVD and Blu-ray. “Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series” feature the latest 12 Whovian episodes, plus footage from the new series’ London UK premiere, behind-the-scenes clips, a documentary, and all kind of other goodies in this 5-disc box set. There’s even a tour of the TARDIS, the Doctor’s London police box-shaped spaceship that is much bigger inside than out. Find it at for $64.99.
Finally, what would the Gadget Zone be without an offbeat suggestion, and here it is: Jingle Balls. Get your mind out of the gutter!


I am talking about the Jingle Balls wireless audio speaker. Built inside the shape of conventional Christmas tree ball, the rechargeable Jingle Balls can play upto four hours of audio relayed to it via a Bluetooth-connected smartphone or tablet. You can play music, outdoor sounds, or even jingle bell audio from within your Christmas tree; how cool is that? $19.99 at
One last suggestion: If you are totally out of time, then go to Shopper’s Drug Mart for last–minute gifts. They have all kinds of giftable items, including popular electronics such as Nintendo DS and Sony Ps3 Playstation gaming units. Many Shoppers are open late; some even operate 24/7. (I know; I’ve done the research!) You can find the nearest store at