Jacques Bistro du Parc

By Annabelle Goodman –

Jacques Bistro du Parc
126A Cumberland St
416 961 1893
I remember when this spot was Jakes and then later Jacques Omelettes. When the artistic giant rock was placed in the park in Yorkville the restaurant became Jacques du Parc. The name may have changed over the years. What has remained constant is the high quality of the food. Jacques is still in the kitchen waving at the patrons and creating his masterful French cuisine.

Omelettes remain on the menu. There is so much choice and the presentation is always inviting. Epinards et Fromage offers spinach and cheese within the fluffy tasty omelette. Nicoise is prepared with tomatoes, cheese, onions, green peppers and eggplant. Gourmande is a specialty omelette with smoked salmon, sour cream and chives. The omelettes are $18.95 and $19.85.Without doubt they are the tastiest best omelettes in town. Beautifully prepared vegetables are served on the side of the plate. They are perfectly cooked. My host enjoyed one of the omelette choices.

This is a classic French restaurant. The Soupe a L’oignon Gratinee gets a gold star for best performance in taste and texture.($8.95) Vichyssoise du Jour is available daily.($7.50)

We had just come from seeing a powerful film. Three of us had so much to discuss. It was late and we wanted a glass of wine and some light but delicious food.

Two of us opted for the Salad Nicoise with Salmon.($18.95) It was one of the daily specials. Every bite was magic. The greens were light and fresh. The classic pieces of potatoes and slim French style green beans added much flavor. The salmon was perfectly cooked. I don’t know what the vinaigrette was but I can honestly say I scraped the plate hoping to enjoy every speck. It was a most generous presentation and I feel like returning immediately and doing it all over again.

Every day the specials are listed on a blackboard. The regular menu items are tantalizing and perfectly prepared.

 Supreme de Poulet Fermier aux champignons Des Bois is a favorite classic dish. ($24.95) Free range chicken breast is sautéed with shitake, Portobello and oyster mushrooms in a Medeira sauce.

Medaillons de Ris De Veau Flambes Au Calvados ($26.95) offers medallions of sweetbreads sautéed with mushrooms, apples, flamed in Calvados wine.

Saumon Frais se L’Atlantique Au Basilic allows you to choose grilled or poached with a basil butter sauce.($24.95)

I have dined here for years. It was thrilling to return and see that the menu still offers a variety of authentic French cuisine. This is gourmet food at every bite.

The restaurant is small and charming. Even the menu cover puts you in that French mood. The cover has an illustration of the front of the restaurant.

Save room for dessert. The very best French tartes are offered. Raspberry or Lemon are the choices. Have one of each because they are that fantastic. Gateau Honore is also available.

Our conversation could have gone on forever but we were sitting in front of empty dishes and the place was about to close. Good friends and exquisite e cuisine are a life’s delight.

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