Grapefruit Moon

By Annabelle Goodman –

Grapefruit Moon
961 Bathurst St
416 539 9056


What a whimsical name! What a fun place! I don’t have words enough o describe the experience. The place is alive and busy with neighbors from this interesting area of town. I so enjoyed watching the lovely mother with her three children. Each boy was reading a book. One son looked to be about 9 years of age. He was reading The Marquis De Sade. They all ate like perfect gentlemen. Another family was having lunch and the kids were busily playing with their giraffes, elephants and toy trucks. I wanted to ask who the young couples were that had time on a Monday to lunch together. The place was full.

The knick knacks around are so much fun. Many of the pictures will bring a big smile to your face. I loved the colorful clock that had the letters FUN around the face. Even the server seemed to be from another time. Would you believe some children came in just to say hello to him. I remarked that it was so nice that his family stopped by to say hello. He told me they were children from the area. He seemed to be the only server around and was so friendly and had time to answer all our questions. He was great. I loved this friendly restaurant and wanted to soak up all the atmosphere.

I was so glad I was with a very dear friend who also admitted that this was a unique experience in dining. I am happy to report that the menu is also fun and creative. Our food was so delicious and I just can’t wait to go back.

I love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches( $9.25) but don’t indulge very often. We had the option of four different types of bread. We chose the rye brad and it was so perfect with the flavors of the ingredients. Tomato slices, avocado and onion were added to the grilled cheese to make this a home styled mighty good feed. I opted out of the fries and had the best mixed green salad. The dressing had a lot of mustard and it was amazing. My friend opted for a hot bowl of home made Chicken  Noodle Soup to go with the same sandwich.

The Vegan Wrap is filled with hummus, black bean, tomato, carrots, onion, cucumber, sprouts and greens.($9.00)

The lady at the next table was enjoying a large plate with a Veggie Burger, fries and a salad. I already know that will be my choice for next time.

The Brie and Red Pepper Omelette was also calling out to me($9.00) It is served with fries and toast. The Cheddar & Peameal Omelette is $9.00)

Quesadillas are plentiful on the menu offering a variety of tasty fillings.($10.00)

I want to meet Sandy Moon, the owner. I am told that she has four children and still manages to run this restaurant.

We found the food to be very tasty. The menu is creative. I loved the energy in this fun filled establishment. I ate my meal with great pleasure and a big smile on my face.