Corner House

By Annabelle Goodman –

Corner House
501 Davenport Rd
416 923 2604


Corner House is a very special dining spot at the foot of Castle Loma. It is on the corner of Madison Ave and Davenport in a very quiet spot of town. This was a residential home before being turned into an exquisite fine dining spot. Because it is a house the rooms are small and the dining gives the feeling of being in a private home. It is personal and warm. Herbert and Michelle Barnsteiner have lovingly been the owners and chef for many years. The food is superior. Do make a reservation. I am happy to note that the restaurant will be open for lunch until Christmas.

Four friends were out for a quiet dinner with superb food.

The delicious breads arrived with an excellent white bean dip. That was a fine start. The Organic Arugula Salad is served with shaved pears, candied walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese tossed in an apple cider vinaigrette.($12.50) Baked Woolwich Goat Cheese is so

delicious with organic greens, stewed berries, vine tomatoes, cold pressed olive oil and balsamic vinegar.($12.50) Baked Snow Crab Cake is served with vegetable slaw and smoked chipotle aioli. ($13.75)

The Crackling Oven Roasted Organic Cornish Hen was served with roasted heirloom carrots, Niagara smoked bacon, caramelized apples, fingerling potatoes and pan jus.($13.95)  Every morsel was appreciated and enjoyed. The Veal Chop Special was the main course choice for another guest.

The food was served in enormous white bowls and was plated in an artistic appetizing way. Two guests were thrilled with their choice of the Corner House Handmade Pumpkin Ravioli with butternut squash, leaf spinach, dry cranberries, roasted pecans and fresh rosemary.($18.75) It was more than superb. The flavors melded together on the palate and left an  exquisite satisfying taste. I had thought to have the Yukon Gold Potato Gnocchi. ($19.50) They are hand made and prepared with roasted tomato and pepper sauce, fresh basil and crumbled goat cheese. Seared Alaskan Black Cod is a wild fish prepared with coconut basmati rice, sesame wok sautéed Asian vegetables in a balsamic-ponzu-ginger sauce.($27.50)

Wild Mushroom Risotto is prepared with wild and domestic mushrooms finished with white truffle essence.($19.75)

Crème Brule was one of the dessert choices. It was a generous portion topped with artistry and a large fresh strawberry. The Homemade Chocolate Ice cream was presented in an enormous white bowl. It was dense, rich and very flavorful.

All four guests agreed that this was a special evening on an ordinary night. Every bite was treasured and beautifully prepared.

I call this an outstanding restaurant.