Aunties and Uncles

By Annabelle Goodman –

Aunties And Uncles
74 Lippincott St
416 324 1375


I have wanted to go to this restaurant for a long time. Now I am angry with myself that I waited so long. This is the festive season and I started my day right by enjoying this delicious delightful fun spot.

The restaurant has been here for 11 years. It was probably an old house many years ago. It is a few steps north of College St. with a patio area for summer weather. There are no more than 7 tables on the first floor. The tables are old kitchen tables with formica tops. The old map of Ontario looks like it has been around longer than the province. Old family photos are on the wall. The kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant. Two beautiful young ladies work non stop in the smallest kitchen I have ever seen. There is literally room for only two people to stand in one spot. They can’t even move around each other. I loved watching them at work. They were calm. They were organized. They were efficient and obviously they know how to prepare delicious brunch and lunch food. The place is only open during the day.

David was our server. He also owns this delightful place. He was patient and very charming. He was also very busy. I didn’t see any other servers. How was he able to be so pleasant and so busy?

I have a special friend who delights in trying small restaurants and old diners. She was the perfect companion for this restaurant. We both started with a Cup of Beet Borscht. There was no mistaking that this was home made. It was filled with grated beets. The flavor was full bodied and it was served hot. I tasted lemon that balanced the flavor of the beets.($2.75)

We shared a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. ($7.50) Usually it is served on Challah bread. We asked for whole wheat and it was not a problem. Old Canadian Cheddar was grilled to perfection and filled with sliced tomatoes. We had the option of home fries, salad or potato salad. We opted for the salad. I couldn’t believe the amount we were served. The mixed greens were so fresh and the vinaigrette was perfect.

I am almost embarrassed to say that we also shared an order of Banana Pancakes. They were the best. I can’t even describe the sound I made when that first bite melted in my mouth. It was an amazing flavorful dish.

A Grilled Brie Sandwich is prepared with chutney and apple.($8.25)

I was tempted with the Chick Pea Salad with green Thai curry and dried mango. It is also served with their famous home made potato salad. I hear it is delicious.($7.50) The Omelette Of The Day featured tomato, leeks and goat cheese.($8.25) It also comes with a bagel, fruit, salad or potatoes.

A good breakfast item is the Granola with Fruit and Maple Syrup.($7.50)

I loved watching the food being prepared. I loved watching the dishes being presented to the hungry clients. I was fascinated with our server’s efficient warm manner.

We both agreed that the food was special and it was such a fun experience.