By Annabelle Goodman –

3393 Yonge St
416  322 2200

This is without doubt the best value in town. The restaurant is beautifully appointed. The white pristine tablecloths make you feel as if you are dining in style. The menu is superb. I have eaten here for both lunch and dinner and have always been so pleased. The place was completely filled. No wonder. The Asian food is so fresh and tasty. 

I love getting together with my family. We all love great dining and look forward to chatting about our everyday events. We love this restaurant because there is so much choice and we all love the food. It is really outstanding at a very reasonable price.

Several orders of the Tom Yum Soup were shared.($6.00) The Thai style lemongrass flavored soup was combined with shrimps, tomatoes, beans, button mushrooms and cilantro .It was a good start. My son was thrilled to see the Soft Shell Crab on the menu. ($!0.00)He thought it was amazing. It was deep fried and served with spicy basil dip. The Chicken Curry ($11.00) was excellent. It was served with rice.

My daughter-in-law noticed a dish at the next table that appealed to her. She ordered the General Tao Chicken. ($11.00) It was as tasty as it looked. Battered chicken is deep fried and then stir fried with a spicy sweet star anise flavored sauce. The Pad Thai is prepared with Thai styled noodles, chicken and shrimp in tamarind fish sauce topped with chopped peanuts.($12.00) I have a favorite Udon Soup with Tempura ($11.00) A large bowl is filled with a vegetarian broth. There is an abundance of noodles and vegetables. A side dish of 6 pieces of the most delicious tempura is part of the meal. The tempura is crispy and not at all greasy. Two large shrimp and 4 pieces of vegetables are perfectly prepared.

There is so much variety. Noodle or rice dishes are available.

You can order a few appetizers for a lighter meal or a variety of dishes to share with the table. Sashimi and Sushi are freshly prepared.

Take out is always available. I find it so pleasant to enjoy a fine meal in these surroundings. The food arrives fresh and hot. It was a great way to enjoy a family outing. Nobody had any work to do and we could enjoy every morsel and every word of conversation.

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