Gadget Zone: The very cool Aluratek internet radio

There are standalone internet radios that look and function like old-fashioned AM/FM radios, and then there is the uber-cool, ultra-capable Aluratek WiFi Internet Radio Media Player (model AIRMM04F) with 7 inch Touchscreen Display. Equipped with dual (5W+5W) front-facing stereo speakers – whose depth of sound is enhanced by the Aluratek’s retro-futuristic half egg-shaped case — the audio from this device sounds great. You can pull audio from one of the 50,000 internet radio stations and audio streams online, or your own music library via WiFi or an inserted MicroSD card (up to 32GB; the Aluratek also has 8GB internal memory storage.)

However, as Gadget Zone reviewer Susan Trott discovered that the Aluratek is much more than just an internet radio: “Right out of the box I was surprised that it’s an Android tablet in a console,” she said. “It’s also a tablet that does everything you need from YouTube to photos. I loved the way it was a cinch to get my apps, email, and get my favourite browser.” (The Aluratek even has a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard that you can call up.)

According to Trott, the Aluratek’s 7″ touchscreen “gives you the option of either a Google home page or one similar to your Android phone, which is easily switched back and forth with the centre radio button. All your apps are available with the same interface button as your phone. It’s completely familiar and comfortable.” The Aluratek also has a clock and alarm, so you can use it in place of a clock radio.

In fact, the Aluratek internet radio is akin to an Android computer with speakers in one stylish package. It runs Android apps such as Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube plus a host of others; including games. The device can display photos and videos in addition to playing audio, and even has a camera built into the console.

“Sound quality is superb; easily as good as remote Bluetooth speakers for your phone, but there’s no fiddling around with Bluetooth
connections,” said Trott. “Once you setup your WiFi, you’re done. Oh, and the Aluratek has a battery that can stream for 5 full hours, so you
can take it with you. As long as you have access to WiFi, you have everything you need.”

All told, the Aluratek WiFi Internet Radio Media Player is an internet-connected multimedia centre; rather than just being a standalone internet radio. You can find it at for $129.99 plus shipping and handling.