Flo’s Diner

70 Yorkville Ave 416 961 4333

Flo’s originally opened in the Yorkville area in a street car shaped restaurant. It was a full scale diner in every way. Flo’s is now located across the road from where it began. It is on the second floor so can be easily missed. Enter the office building and either walk up one flight or take the elevator to the 2nd floor. The large outdoor patio is great because you are overlooking the street. The interior has maintained the diner feeling. The small black and white floor tiles and the booths bring back a nostalgic feeling. Times may have changed but the menu and the quality of food have been maintained. The portions are healthy. The service is friendly and efficient and the prices do not reflect the ‘classy Yorkville area.’ My friend and I often go to a Friday afternoon film. We like to grab a bite to eat before the show and there isn’t always a lot of extra time. I remembered Flo’s as being a quality food diner with efficient service.

My friend loves Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. She was delighted to have the grilled cheese with tomato. There are several variations listed on the menu of that classic dish. Cole slaw or fries was part of the deal. The challah bread was fresh and the melted cheese looked so tasty

There were so many Egg Dishes I had trouble choosing. I finally settled on the Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Onions. It has been such a long time since I indulged in that favorite dish. The home fries and side order of toast made it a full and complete lunch. The eggs were prepared as I asked. Nobody likes dried out overcooked eggs. These were creamy and soft. I finished it all.

Eggs of every kind are on the menu. Do you want bacon or steak? Fried, scrambled, poached or whatever. This is true diner food served in a classy neighborhood. I love it. Standard Waffles and French Toast are always available.

One evening after a film I went to Flo’s for a Veggie Burger. They are the best. My friend and I agreed that this place has a lot to offer. It is easy to miss because it is upstairs. Once you dine here you will have it on your ‘must return’ list.

I keep promising myself I will try the Flo’s Mac and Cheese served with a mixed salad. I hesitate because I know it will be a healthy portion and filled with gooey yummy cheese. My heart is craving it but my waistline is holding me back.

Meat Loaf is prepared home-style and served with gravy, steamed veggies and mashed potatoes.

The Desserts call out to you as you enter the restaurant. Pies and Cakes all look so tantalizing. This is a great menu offering favorite diner style food. It will take you’ back in the day.’ I was surprised to hear Flo’s Diner is associated with another favorite restaurant, Cantine, on Avenue Rd at Davenport. That is another favorite and I must return soon Flo’s is very busy at brunch time especially on the weekend. Best to make a reservation. It is wonderful to see family’s together out for brunch enjoying classic diner food.

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