Cruelty is a key ingredient in Egg McMuffins, video claims

Gary Smith —

A shocking hidden-camera video of animal abuse was secretly recorded in Alberta at an egg factory farm that supplies eggs to BurEggMcnbrae Farms, McDonald’s Canada’s exclusive provider of eggs for Egg McMuffins.
The disturbing undercover video reveals egg-laying hens crammed in filthy wire cages so small they are unable to walk or even spread their wings, dead hens rotting in cages with birds still laying eggs for human consumption, and workers violently smashing chicks and then tossing them alive and conscious into garbage bags to slowly suffocate.

Mercy For Animals Canada is urging fast-food giant McDonald’s Canada to take a stand against egregious animal cruelty by implementing a purchasing policy against eggs from suppliers who use battery cages as McDonald’s in the European Union has already done.

The video has been released by the animal protection organization Mercy For Animals Canada.

The issue is somewhat complicated by the company’s claim that McDonald’s Canada doesn’t buy eggs from the Alberta farms featured in the W5 documentary that was aired last week. But, McDonald’s does admit that it buys eggs from an Ontario-based company that does business with the two farms featured in the documentary.