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Mayor Line Théroux: Stop supporting cruel pig-chasing events

Every year, the municipality of Sainte-Perpétue, in Quebec, holds an event known as “festival du cochon” (pig festival). During this event, domestic pigs, as well as wild boars, are forced into an arena where participants chase them, catch them, lift ...

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Stand by Your Man-atee this Father’s Day

Make it a Father’s Day like none other.  Adopt a manatee!  For just $25, Save the Manatee Club will send dad an adoption certificate with a color photo, along with the life history of a real, living manatee, and more. ...

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Harper celebrates Earth Day by endangering humpback whales

Angus Wong — Guess how the Harper government celebrated Earth Day? It decided to slash protections to endangered humpback whales, and make it easier for Enbridge to push through its risky Northern Gateway oil pipeline. Leading scientists say that North Pacific ...

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Video shows Inhumane abuse of baby calves tortured for diners

Mercy For Animals Canada calls on the Retail Council of Canada to ban cruel crates. Shocking hidden-camera video of workers kicking, punching, and beating baby calves, secretly recorded at one of the largest veal producers in North America, has been ...

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Unilever: a villain corporation that threatens orangutan survival

Unilever is supporting a dirty industry attempt to continue the destruction of Southeast Asia’s rainforests. If it gets its way, orangutans could keep dying in the name of “sustainable” palm oil. The consumer giant is attempting to ignore scientists’ work ...

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CFHS Statement on sentencing of Paul Joseph Vukmanich

Kim Elmslie — The Candian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHC) agrees with Justice Larry Anderson that Paul Joseph Vukmanich deserves a longer sentence than 26 months which was recommended by the Crown and Defense attorneys for the killing of Edmonton ...

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Seaworld busted in U.S. for violating Animal Abuse Act

SeaWorld just got busted by a US government agency for violating the Animal Abuse Act — and we may have a rare chance to end its animal cruelty for good SeaWorld imprisons orca whales in tiny, cage-like tanks — and ...

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Dogs, kids key to Berczy Park reno

The plans for upgrading Berczy Park and its centrepiece fountain go on public view at St. Lawrence Hall Mar. 11 7-9 pm to hear community desires for that important gateway to historic St. Lawrence Neighbourhood. Claude Cormier et Assoc., Montreal ...

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Olivia Chow defends animal rights in Parliament

Olivia Chow presented a petition March 4 which addresses the weak legislation on punishing those who seriously harm animals. The petition has been widely supported, garnering 14,000 signatures nation-wide. First, it is my honour to present petitions from 14,000 petitioners ...

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