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Ford is right on cap-and-trade

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is doing taxpayers a great service by ending the greedy cap-and-trade scam (C&T) invented by bankers and, naturally, supported by the Kathleen Wynne Liberals who never saw a dollar they wouldn’t snatch away from you. The ...

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CCrane SSB radio radio

Once again CCrane’s reputation in quality radios has achieved another first with the release of the Skywave AM/FM portable in a SSB [single side band] format. The Skywave can receive the AM, FM, Weather and Air Bands. As well, shortwave ...

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Blood-sport of power vs. justice

Politics gets dirty even when it’s trivial. After observing the power politics inside the parties of both Democrats and Republicans over the past two election cycles, I am reminded of when I was first introduced to the blood sport. It was just a few months ...

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