Rush Hour 1438A Dufferin St. 416 533 4687

Rush Hour, without any hesitation, is my favourite restaurant in town. I have introduced this place to many friends. Now their friends also attend on a regular basis. You must have a reservation. It is wonderful to see a family establishment so successful.

Fernando deserves much praise. He is the owner and works the front of the restaurant. He welcomes everybody in his quiet low key manner. He wants everyone to have a perfect dining experience. He makes sure everything is done to your satisfaction. The white linens on the table sparkle. The flatbread made daily by Fernando is delicious as is the hummus. The place is very welcoming and attractive. I always marvel at all the wine bottles mounted so decoratively on the wall. The wine racks were, of course, crafted by Fernando.

He is so ably assisted by his son Alex. He is a clone. They look alike and he is equally as charming. Daughter, Andreia, works on the weekend. They know that I now feel like part of their family. Even Fernando’s wife can be seen helping out on busy evenings. No restaurant can be a success without great chefs. I made sure I expressed my appreciation last night. I have never had a bad morsel. More positively stated it is always a positive dining experience. The food is always artistically plated. Every morsel is cooked to perfection.

Calamari is one of the more popular appetizers. I have also had the Caesar Salad. The full leaves of the romaine are enhanced with a wonderful dressing. The Soup of the Day was Carrot Soup with ginger. It is creamy and flavorful. I do caution you, the entrees are healthy portions. Make sure you save room.

I confess I never use a menu. I come here for the exquisite Sesame Crusted Tuna. It is always on the menu. Two good size pieces are served. The roasted potatoes and perfect vegetables make this an experience   I crave on a regular basis. I never leave anything because it is just so good. On this occasion I dined with a friend that had not yet been to Rush Hour. She was so excited about it that she showed up by mistake a few weeks before our appointed date. Would you believe Fernando gave her a container of soup and some flatbread to take home? She enjoyed the tuna last evening. She has heard me rave about it so much she felt she had to try it. Two happy customers!

A whole Sole was offered as a special last evening. Several types of fish are available. The chefs do know how to prepare fish. I have also enjoyed the Grilled Salmon. I will break with tradition on a future visit and try the Grilled Shrimp.

If you prefer meat you have also come to the right place. The Veal Chops take up the whole plate. I have been told they are delicious. Several of my dining companions have enjoyed the Brazilian Steak.  Chicken is always available. Pasta options are listed on the menu. There are always a few daily specials.

I seldom have room but can acclaim the Crème Brule and the Tiramisu are outstanding and a perfect way to conclude a wonderful dinner.  The prices are reasonable. The service is supreme. There is free parking at the side of the building. I love everything about Rush Hour and intend to return as soon as possible.

— Annabelle Goodman