Review of Rush Hour on Dufferin Street

Annabelle Goodman –

This is not a repeat review. It is another review. That means I couldn’t stay away from Rush Hour. Twice in one week is a record for me. I have often stated how much I like the atmosphere. The gleaming white linens and the bright airy room are so welcoming. At the same time the warmth and the attention from owner, Fernando, brings me back as often as possible. On this occasion I was dining with a couple who had heard me rave about Rush Hour and wanted to come. I had told them about the beautifully plated food. I had told them that every bite is a delicious experience. I also had told them that the portions are very generous.

We decided on main courses only and could hardly finish our food. Probably we should not have eaten so much bread. The flatbread is made daily by Fernando. It melts in your mouth. The Portuguese bread is always great. Add a little of Fernando’s homemade hummus and some of that fantastic Portuguese olive oil and you are already having a great time.

The lamb chops was the choice of one friend. The many lamb chops were artistically plated. I know this is her favorite food and she was overjoyed. Her husband opted for the Seafood Risotto because I had told him a family member had enjoyed it on my last visit. Once again this was a very filling dish filled with a variety of seafood. Greatly enjoyed!

You need not ask. It is well know I only eat the Sesame Tuna because it is the best. I love tuna and most restaurants do not serve it. If they do it cannot compare to Rush Hour. I have eaten this dish several dozen times and always have enjoyed it. On this occasion it was better than ever. The chef just hit the mark with cooking it perfectly. I don’t know how I managed to finish it all but when something is that good you cannot leave a scrap. The vegetables are always enjoyed. Corn on the cob, carrots, roasted potatoes and broccoli were almost a meal in itself. The grated carrots were a decoration on the plate. I even ate those.

The meat is aged in-house. My daughter-in-law always orders the Steak dinner. The meat is tender and flavorful. The Veal Chop is a house specialty. Come hungry and be prepared to take some home. A variety of fresh fish is available daily. Fernando is happy to show you a platter of the fresh fish. Guaranteed you will enjoy whatever you choose

If you are really hungry and can manage an appetizer I can recommend the Calamari. It is a winner. The Caesar Salad is a delight. Whole leaves of the romaine lettuce are topped with a delicious dressing.

The Tiramisu and the Crème Brule are the best. I try to save room but it is not always possible.

This is my favorite restaurant. The service is outstanding. Fernando always makes sure you are satisfied. His son, Alex, also is friendly, efficient and charming. On most evenings he is there working alongside his father. On busier evenings his daughter and wife contribute. This close family working together always makes you feel like a family member. Congratulations to the chef who continues to prepare outstanding gourmet cuisine. Wave to the kitchen when you leave. It is so nice to let the staff know their talent is appreciated. I will be back before long.