Letter: The whole ‘justice’ system

To John Sewell and to the Ontario Premier:

There has to be a TOTAL re-evaluation of the so called “justice” system!

From the unidentified cops who hassle citizens, to the laws and the judges that let rapists off, to the administrators and guards in the lousy prisons who help torture prisoners and allow solitary confinement. Testing for sadistic tendencies would be a new rule at all levels.

To spur things along, the media could run some photos of these prison conditions.

Yes to the editorials, photos, and outrage happening. Who are the designers of jail cells, prisons, police uniforms and cars? Who okays these designs? The government?

Who knows, in finding out all these things, you might even find the perpetrators of the missing and murdered while you’re at it. TIme for an overhaul.

—Barbara Klunder, Toronto

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