Wolverines end season

Kimberly Spice –

The Canada Rugby League has only been in existence since 2010 but they have climbed to the rank of 20 on the international rugby scene out of 48 world class teams.

Front and Spadina area resident Robin Legault plays fullback for the Wolverines, with his most memorable game to date being the match against Jamaica in 2011.

“The game last year against Jamaica was the most memorable game where I scored a tri and then I ran one down pretty much the whole field to stop them from scoring a tri,” Legault told The Bulletin. “We won that game 40-10.”

The Rugby League came into existence in 1895 after separating from the Rugby Union. Competitions during that time were scheduled when the men needed to go to work and the lack of compensation separated the group.

Different rules to the sport were implemented separating the league and union even further with Legault saying the rules for the league are easier to follow making it popular with fans.

Like any physical sport players need to be in top shape and rugby demands full body contact, which can result in mild to serious injuries.

“The appeal for rugby is being around a bunch of guys who are just as passionate as you,” stated Legault adding that in the league he has more of an opportunity to play internationally than if he played club Rugby. “Having a sport where you can play defence, run with the ball and hit people, you have everything.”

The season runs from April to the beginning of October with two games remaining, September 8 at Lamport Stadium, 1151 King Street West and October 6 in the US.

Visit www.canadarugbyleague.com for details.