Win a copy of John Sewell’s newest book autographed just for you

It’s blockbuster of a book from former Toronto Mayor John Sewell whose columns appear regularly in The Bulletin. Sewell was Sewell Cover FImayor during the explosive growth years from 1969 to 1980 as our city metamorphosed from sewell & a womanToronto The Good into Toronto The Great.

If you’re a Torontophile and love Toronto as much as most of us, including John, you’ll want a copy of his book that outlines in fascinating prose just how he and a coterie of like thinkers poured the footings for the wonderful city we became and are continuing to be.

Just sign up for The Bulletin’s RSS feed and you may win autographed free copy, signed especially for you by John himself. The RSS is a regular emailed digest of Toronto happenings and observations. You can sign up HERE. Be sure to mention BOOK in the subject line of your email.

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