Local web series ends season with Christmas special

The first season of the local web series Opinionate This is coming to a finale and we want to invite you to watch it and celebrate with us!

Series producers Lindsay Rollins, Patrick Smith and Titus McNally can finally take in a breath of relief as they finish releasing the last episode of their first season. The three have been working tirelessly on this project while learning many things along the way. After taking a step back to look at all the work they’ve accomplished for 2016, they are proud to present their season finale with Toronto.

The season finale will be released on December 15th, in time for the beginning of the holidays. Meanwhile, you can catch up on the series here.

Here’s a sneak peek into what the finale entails….

After much conflict the crew find themselves drifting further away from their goals as a production company. However, in one last-ditch attempt Titus tries to reunite everyone in a thrown-together studio Christmas party.

Stay tuned for the 15th to find out if his plans work or if everything falls apart in one last alcohol-fueled nosedive!

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