Viewpoint: Must make French version of national anthem gender-neutral as well

Canada is the greatest country in the world and the Institute for Canadian Values believes historical revisionists should leave the nation’s anthems as they have been.  On June 1, Parliament voted 219 to 79 for bill C-210, the National Anthem Act attempting to expunge “in all thy sons command” from the lyrics, replacing it with “in all of us command”.

Institute president Dr Charles McVety states, “Members of Parliament are being hypocritical by attempting to change Canada’s English national anthem but not touching the French version.  Somehow ‘all thy sons command’ is offensive to some but ‘Terre de nos aïeux’ [land of our forefathers] is acceptable masculine language.”

“There is no appetite to alter the French version due to respect for French Canadian history however it seems that 219 MP’s do not share the same respect for English Canadian heritage.  The next step for revisionists will be to remove ‘God,’ ‘wield the sword,’ ‘carry the cross’ and ‘valour steeped in faith’ from the anthems.  Canada’s national anthems are precious to the foundation of the country and should not be changed.”