Annabelle Goodman —
Amazing! Outstanding! Great Treat!
My daughter –in-law was in Mexico with her bridge group. I was thrilled to be having dinner with my son. I had just returned from Cuba with a ‘queasy stomach’ and food was not appealing. I was determined to make the best of it. This year I have been very disappointed with Winterlicious. I have spent over 4 hours looking at all the menus. Most are disappointing. Vannis is the exception. It is the widest offering of any restaurant. The choices are good and it all proved to be an amazing meal.

672B St Clair Ave West – 416 651 1234

Elise was our delightful server who charmed us from the beginning and continued to offer outstanding service. I couldn’t believe how I recuperated with great food and wonderful company. All 3 courses were memorable. My son opted for the Caesar Salad. The portion was large. The romaine lettuce was fresh, crisp and very tasty. The Caesar dressing was spectacular. It was a great beginning. I was delighted with the Lentil Soup. There was a lovely lemon flavor and the soup was swimming with vegetables and lentils. It was delicious and so enjoyed. Minnestroni Soup and Insalate Caprese were also available for this special offering of $25.0 for 3 courses. I suggest you run and take advantage of this Winterlicious deal before it all ends February 12. If you can’t make it for the special deal feel free to enjoy the regular menu. I have dined here on 2 other occasions and have been delighted with the good service and fine quality food. It is a small tastefully decorated restaurant offering amazing food at a most affordable cost.
There we so many choices for the main course. My son was delighted with the Ravioli. It was steaming hot and a very large portion. The food was fresh and very tasty. Several other Pasta dishes were available as well as a Risotto special. The regular menu has an extensive list of pasta and risotto. The ladies at the next table were exclaiming over their Pizzas but couldn’t finish it all. They will be happy when they enjoy it a second time at lunch.
The Grilled Salmon was perfection on a plate. The wine lemon caper sauce was superb. The mashed potatoes felt so great in my stomach after a week of not eating. The grilled vegetables were perfectly prepared and totally demolished. Chicken was also offered on the Winterlicious menu. On the regular menu chicken breast is prepared in many different ways. I thought the menu was amazing with so many desirable choices.
I hadn’t eaten in a week. I devoured every bite with great gusto. I even managed to enjoy a large Crème Caramel. Two people could have easily shared this delectable creation. I licked the brown sugar sauce and finished every crumb. This was a first rate gourmet meal that truly brought me back from illness to the world of fine dining.
I like the atmosphere in this delightful restaurant. The food was amazing. There were so many choices on the menu. I will definitely go back for more of that great treatment and fine food. Online ordering is possible. Many combos are available at a reasonable cost. Personally I like to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy a dining out experience.