TTC union pres. fired after breakaway attempt

Members of Local 113 of the Amalgamated Transit Union moved to restore union democracy following a unilateral attempt by suspended president Bob Kinnear to remove the Local from its 120 year-old union. Kinnear’s secretive effort to split Local 113 away from its fellow ATU Canada Locals was done without the members’ knowledge or consent or that of their Executive. Because his actions represent a clear violation of the union’s Constitution and General Laws, the International Union has placed the Local in Temporary Trusteeship.


The Union, a Canadian and American International Union, is based at the Tommy Douglas Center, in Maryland, and represents 200,000 members in Canada and the US. The Trusteeship is led by former Local 113 Executive Vice President, Manny Sforza, who has appointed other officers of Local 113 elected by its members to assist him during the Trusteeship.

The purpose of the Trusteeship is to restore democratic procedures and assure continuous representation of the 10,000 members, mostly TTC employees. The Trustee will be communicating directly with the members and the public in the coming hours and days. We are committed to continuing the 120 year long tradition of serving ATU Local 113 members in Ontario with the same high standards our union has always followed.

— Manny Sforza


Majority of ATU Local 113 Executive Board Re-Instated

Following todays events [Feb. 4, 2017] by suspended ATU Local 113 president Bob Kinnear to remove the Local from its 120-year-old union, the International ATU acted swiftly to implement appropriate measures that follow direct violation procedures of the Amalgamated Transit Union’s constitution, the Canadian Labour Congress’ constitution.

The International ATU has interviewed the existing Executive Board and has a majority consensus that Bob Kinnear’s actions were inappropriate based on his failure to advise the Executive Board prior to his actions.  

As a result, the majority of the ATU 113 Executive Board has been reinstated to their former positions to address the day-to-day needs of their membership under the direction of International Vice-President Manny Sforza. 

ATU Local 113 represents 10,000 members, the majority of which are TTC employees. The Local is committed to continuing the 120-year-long tradition of serving ATU Local 113 members in Ontario with the same high standards the union has always followed.

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