Tories can’t resist Island airpork

Tasse backs the boondoggle

By Frank Touby –

You could tell when Steve Harper’s loose Cannon, Larry, populated the Toronto Port Authority (TPA) with appointees, how this was going to read.
The long-awaited Roger Tassé report on the prospects for the Island airport and the spending of $35 million to compensate for the canceling of a $25 million bridge could have been written by Dennis Mills, the ex MP who started this mess by manoeuvrering to create the TPA, a Liberal pork barrel.
Well, Tories are as into pork as are Grits, so it’s really no surprise that the Tassé report validates the existence of the TPA boondoggle.
It’s 127 pages of drivel to support the unsupportable. Read it and weep.