Tips for a Nomad: Your Guide to an Affordable Move

Family-moving-FIMoving is never an easy task, no matter how many times you do it. Whether you’re a bit of a nomad and enjoy new scenery and fresh perspectives or your work requires you to be more mobile, there are a few things you can do to make moving a more pleasurable experience for everyone involved. There’s also a way to save money through your big move so that when you get to your final destination you have the funds to enjoy your new place. Below are a couple of things to keep in mind to keep your stress and your bank account under control.

Invest in an unlocked phone. There’s nothing worse than moving to a new area only to realize your cell phone service is non-existent. If you move often, look into purchasing an unlocked phone that allows you to switch carriers without a hassle. Data service provider Mobi-data offers free SIM cards when signing up for a data plan with them, which may be a cheaper alternative than signing a contract with a major service provider. Instead, use the data plan to Skype with loved ones or text through messaging platforms like WhatsApp. Because of their extensive coverage, you can use your data plan from nearly anywhere – unlike your cell service which you may not be as lucky with.

Move smart, not fast. Moving is all about strategy and the better prepared you are for it, the smoother it will go. Go through a checklist of the big items that need to be taken care of like your electric bill, your cable and internet and most importantly get in contact with your landlord if you have one. Many places require a notice of several weeks to let you out of your lease and you could be looking at late fines or contract renewal issues if you put it off for too long.

Keep receipts (and materials).  Boxes are expensive and it’s silly to buy them if you know you’re likely to move on in a short while anyway. Break them down and tuck them away in your basement or closet along with an essential moving toolkit full of packaging tape, baggies the tools you’re likely to use most. B&Q offers relatively inexpensive dollies or hand trucks and if you’re a frequent mover, you’re likely just paying the moving company to rent them out each time anyway. If you move frequently because of work, be especially certain to hold on to your receipts as your company may be able to reimburse you for a portion of your moving costs as long as you have the proper documentation.

While moving may seem like an extremely trying time, the experiences you’ll have in your new place are sure to make it worth the while. Keep an eye on your bank account but don’t let it hold you back from doing the things you want to do in life. There are plenty of ways to make sure the essentials get taken care of and you get the most out of your new place.

Edited by Raymond