Thorious Opens New Location in Cabbagetown

Thorious opens high-tech Learning Centre to teach math, robotics, coding, and more to 6-16 year olds.

Thorious is opening its first Learning Centre in Toronto’s Cabbagetown community. Thorious is for ambitious and enthusiastic parents who want to prepare their child for a future that is approaching fast, where a knowledge of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is more necessary than ever. The Learning Centre is a place to learn robotics, coding, and science using robots and technology that kids and teens love. Classes run Monday thru Saturday, with week-long camps in the summer.

Clients are typically parents who recognize that our world is evolving rapidly due to technology, making these skills more important than ever. Future-proofing skills such as coding a program to solve a problem or programming a robot to do a laborious task will only be increasing in demand – and Thorious puts these skills in learner’s minds. This instills in students a problem-solving attitude which is useful regardless of whether they eventually work in STEM or not.

Thorious’ other offering is cutting-edge math tutoring to individuals and groups. “Teaching math using technology is the only logical thing to do. The tech we use enables our instructors to give each child their own unique learning roadmap. Traditional teaching methods more closely resemble a ‘one size fits all’ approach.” By contrast, we adapt to the students’ needs, whether it’s for remedial math, enrichment, or both.

Thorious was born of unmet needs which Thorious founder Wassim El-Geries recognized during his years as a local teacher. “My first years of teaching were spent looking for ways to adapt several outdated teaching practices to the 21st century. The results were very interesting – I realized some students were missing chunks of knowledge from previous grades, while others were able to do a whole year’s worth of math in just 4 months. Schools around the world still group students based on age, not skills or ability. These problems lead to students hating math because too much has gone over their heads or finding math too boring because they are capable of more.”

To give greater accessibility to its programs, Thorious offers generous needs-based subsidies for its cutting-edge math tutoring. This stems from the founder’s belief that top-quality education is essential to the long-term health of an empowered community and should be accessible to everyone.

For more information about Thorious, please contact Wassim El-Geries at 647.479.9594 or by email at, or visit the website at