This little piggy was fed GMOs


Shicana Allen — 

Dr. Judy Carman, associate professor in Health and the Environment at Flinders University (Adelaide, South Australia) and a team of seven other co-authors and scientists have released results of a long-term, peer-reviewed toxicology study that has found even more adverse effects resulting from the consumption of genetically modified foods.  Using 168 just-weaned piglets from a commercial pig farm located in the United States, researchers fed half the subjects a mixed diet of widely-used varieties of GM maize (corn) and soy. The other half—the control group—were fed an equivalent non-GM diet.

Pigs were specifically chosen as the test animal since their digestive system is similar to that of humans. Another factor was that investigators in the past had observed both digestive and reproductive problems in pigs fed GM crops, so this provided a basis for further scientific investigation.
Dr. Carman and her team discovered a 25% increase in uterus weight in the animals fed the GM diet as compared to the control group.  In addition, GM-fed male pigs were four times more likely to be afflicted with severe stomach inflammation, while females had more than double the risk of the control group.  The doctor emphasized that both the uterus and stomach findings were biologically and statistically significant.  There was also a “marginally significant change on a measure of liver health in the blood of GM-fed pigs.”