The Saint Tavern

By Annabelle Goodman –

The Saint Tavern
227 Ossington Ave
647 350 2100
My friend and I are on a mission to try all the new ‘hot spots’ in fine dining. We have so much fun. I love the way she engages the servers and checks out the food the other diners are enjoying. It is always an adventure.The Saint Tavern had been highly recommended and we were bound to discover it for ourselves. It is on the busy stretch of Ossington that now features some of the best restaurants in the city. It is mainly a high quality meat restaurant but I knew I would find something. The experience begins when you enter this charming facility. We were so warmly welcomed. Matt Spencer makes sure that everybody is happy including the exceptional staff. This is a long restaurant with many tables. It has been filled nightly since its opening in the spring. There is a lot of white tile which speaks of days gone by. This is balanced with the new high tech lights. There is a buzz in the air and high energy everywhere.

We started with a shared Goat Cheese Salad.($13.00) This was exceptional. Each element seemed to be unique and the combination was a winning culinary feat. Baby yellow beets were roasted. The small whole carrots were marinated pieces and pieces of roasted tomato added so much flavor. The greens were mixed and ever so fresh. The vinaigrette was tasty but not overpowering. The goat cheese was the perfect compliment for all the other ingredients. It was all topped with the thinnest crispiest matchstick potatoes. Fantastic!

This restaurant aims to serve the finest quality beef. My dining companion was delighted with her Steak and Fries.($20.00) The steak was tender and flavorful and cooked exactly to her specifications. I helped her to eat those crispy delicious fries. Small pieces of onion rings topped this dish. It was a very healthy size portion. Some even went home to be enjoyed the next day.

We shared a side of Grilled Asparagus.($8.00) Perfection. The Sides vegetable orders are noteworthy. I think the next time I come here I will indulge in a variety of side dishes. The Mushrooms, Potato Gratin and Creamed Spinach tempted me. They are served in large white bowls and are tasty additions to any of the meals.

My entrée was a Salad Nicoise ($22.00) with fresh slices of tuna. I could eat tuna every day but it must be properly prepared. A second of overcooking can produce a tough quality that is never enjoyed. This chef is masterful.

We did enjoy looking at the food presented at the next table. The young couple seemed pleased to tell us how much they were enjoying their food and even offered to share with us. They were sharing a 14 oz. StripLoin Steak ($27.00) as well as several vegetable side dishes.

The Sunday Supper features a Caesar salad or onion soup followed by a thick delicious piece of roast beef. Yorkshire pudding, loaded potatoes, tomatoes and a dessert of the day complete this popular meal.($27.00) I’m told they often sell out.

The Mixed Grill would satisfy a group at one sitting. Housemade sausage, pork chop, bone in striploin, roast tomato, onion rings, mushrooms and assorted sauces make for a gourmet feast.($65.00)

There are many options. It is obvious that the chef takes great pride in his masterful cooking. The staff also takes pride in their service. We thanked Glen for his assistance in our wine choice and for the friendly efficient service. Even as we exited the restaurant all the servers thanked us for coming. We

certainly did have a positive experience. The Saint Tavern is a welcome addition to trendy Ossington Ave.