Aunties and Uncles

By Annabelle Goodman –

Aunties and Uncles
74  Lipincott St
416 324 1375
It was fitting that three generations went for brunch to this authentic old house. My grandson was briefly in Toronto from his New York music studies.

Owner David is a descendant of the original owner and 14 years ago he turned it into the most charming brunch lunch restaurant. This place must surely also go back 3 generations. If only those walls could talk. The two tiny rooms downstairs must have been a living room / dining room area. The kitchen is the size of a postage stamp but the most glorious food comes from the tiny space. Even the furniture is vintage old Toronto. The staircase is so narrow and curves. How did anyone get furniture upstairs?  Upstairs there is one room, probably the sleeping room. The walls are covered with memorabilia. I love the old map of Ontario on a downstairs wall. There are historical pictures and posters everywhere. If you don’t like the company you are with you will surely be entertained by the decorations on the walls or you can always watch the gourmet food being served. There are no reservations. On this sunny day there was a crowd outside waiting for tables. It was all so friendly. David kept popping outside to charm the crowd and assure us that in 10 minutes or so we would all have a table. (And magically we did)

I have eaten here before and was delighted when my grandson suggested this fun spot. The food is beyond amazing. I can’t believe the creative large portions that come out of that kitchen. I also couldn’t believe that our charming server could manipulate those narrow stairs with three full plates on her arms.

On my previous visit I enjoyed the Grilled Canadian Cheddar with tomato on challah.($7.50) It was a great grilled cheese. I am told the Breakfast Hamburger of the Day is a classic.($8.75) Two of us opted for the Omelette Of The Day.($8.25) Spinach, cheese and mushrooms were packed into delicately prepared eggs. It was fluffy and tasty. It was the best omelette I have ever enjoyed. It came with home fries or a salad as well as toast. What a treat! I confess I couldn’t eat dinner until late in the evening.

My grandson ordered the Pan Bagnat.($7.50) Arugula, cucumber; sundried tomatoes, red onion, black olives and tomato with red wine vinaigrette are served inside warm focaccia. The Breakfast Pocket was prepared with scrambled eggs, peameal bacon, cheddar, tomatoes and caramelized onions with Dijon and aioli on focaccia.($8.75) We all raved about our delicious food and this fun eccentric place.

Even the coffee was superb. I have become a snob with my cappuccino. This was a nice blend with the right amount of foam milk on a rich deep flavored coffee.

I plan to starve myself before the next visit in order to have the Belgium Waffles with fruit and maple syrup.($7.50)

The menu is extensive keeping in mind the small restaurant and tiny kitchen. Each plate is a work of art. David walks around, charms everyone and makes sure you are happy and content. Even the chef greeted us as we climbed up the steep stairs to the upstairs room.

It is like taking a trip back to the past but enjoying the best of today’s food. This place is a winner. Guaranteed you will have fun while enjoying exquisite food.