The Grilled Cheese

By Annabelle Goodman –

The Grilled Cheese
66 1⁄2 Nassau St
Kensington Market

I want to call this fun spot the Grilled Cheese Shack. I say it with great affection because this place is not to be missed. It looks like a shack outside. Inside there are a few picnic like tables and a counter with stools. It is small and delightful. One wall contains large jars filled with pickled eggs, marinated vegetables and other goodies. This is the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever eaten.

The restaurant has only been in operation for a few years. I was told that the owner also has a similar place in New York. I think it is a brilliant concept. Do one thing and do it better than anyone else. It is fun. It is tasty. It is an experience.

The menu is simple. Soup is available and a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches. You can have white or brown bread. This place does not pretend to be anything other than a grilled cheese restaurant.

Christopher and Kathryn are an adorable efficient working couple. She takes your order and delivers it to the table. He works so fast to create those mouth watering gourmet delights.

Your presentation is delivered to the table in a basket with a checkered cloth. Potato chips and a pickle come along for the ride.

The place was very busy. There is a positive vibe in the air. No wonder. Everyone is enjoying the tasty treats. They even deliver to the pub across the road and several other spots in Kensington Market. It is more fun to eat right on the spot.

The variety of sandwiches offered is creative. They are large sandwiches filled with tasty ingredients.

I was dining with a dear friend who had just gone on a tour of Kensington Market. She was showing me all the creative fun spots in the area. We always have such a good time.  She ordered the Grilled Moxy ($8.00) Mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, tomatoes and arugula were combined to make for a delicious tummy filling thrill. I don’t know how we ate it all but agreed that this was a treat that was not to be left unfinished.

I opted for the Black Jack.($6.00) Jalepeno havarti, tomatoes, spinach and black olive pesto made for a perfect tasting lunch. The Hamlet is prepared with Swiss, cheddar, ham, tomato and red onion.($8.00)

My next visit will be for the Mushroom Madness.($6.00) Cheddar, Portobello and other mushrooms are sautéed to make for a yummy, runny, delicious grilled cheese.

All the offerings are on a blackboard in this tiny kitchen. There is no menu. There is no e-mail. There are no desserts. Who could ever eat anything more anyways?

Kensington Market is a delightful historical part of our city. Places like The Grilled Cheese make it work. This is a winning combination.