CBC disses Woodsworth Co-op

Identifies the well-run, member-owned housing co-operative as part of the dysfunctional TCHC stable

By Frank Touby –

CBC-WoodsworthCBC’s local news crew and reporter Steven D’Souza got it seriously wrong in a story Dec. 13 about Toronto Community Housing Corp. (TCHC). In the process Woodsworth Housing Co-operative was shown on screen as D’Souza’s interviewee, a TCHC resident, complained that TCHC was setting up a snitch line so tenants could report instances of tenant fraud and other offences.

Woodsworth isn’t public housing, it’s a co-operative jointly owned by its members and, unlike the dysfunctional TCHC, it’s operated in an efficient manner. Such slack reporting happens when the journalist is either ignorant about the facts, or fails to oversee the video editor’s work before it goes to air. Or both.

Perhaps hanging around TCHC rubbed off.