The Gadget Zone: Spring brings thoughts of…

A new laptop, barbecue perfection, Chocolate Zombie Bunnies

By James Careless –

Spring has sprung … so it’s time for a new laptop computer! (Yes, it’s a tenuous connection, but work with me, people.) One smart option is the new HP Pavilion dm1 Entertainment Notebook PC. Think of the dm1 as a ‘notebook muscle car’: It has the extra processing ‘oomph’ (that’s a technical term) to do the kind of multimedia work normally reserved for desktop computers. The HP Pavilion dm1 has an AMD Dual-Core Processor E-350 (1.6GHz), 3GB DDR3 memory, a 320GB (7200 rpm) hard drive, built-in webcam with integrated microphone, and a 6-cell Lithium-Ion battery with up to 9.5 hours of life! Its is loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and has an 11.6″ HDTV LED display. More at

Spring means BBQ season, and the chance for everyone to question the ‘doneness’ of the meat you’re grilling. Now you can pass off their fears with weak excuses – “I ate it this way when I was a kid, and I’m still here!’ Or you can resolve the debate to everyone’s satisfaction by using an electronic Fire Fork from Canadian Tire ( The Fire Fork’s two prongs double as temperature probes, with the results being displayed on the Fire Fork’s backlit LED screen in the handle. You can program the desired temperature into the fork, and keep comparing it to the current temp. The Fire Fork even has a glow-in-the-dark handle, and can be used to roast multiple marshmellows; how cool is that?

Finally, what would Easter be with chocolate bunnies? For the strangest among us, the strange people at have come up with – wait for it – Chocolate Zombie Bunnies! That’s right, you can now buy pale green chocolate (actually solid white chocolate dyed green) bunnies in full zombie mode; note the exposed chocolate rib cage and ‘blood’ smeared on its mouth. This is the perfect gift for the zombie fan, or the dieter who needs help in kicking their visual addiction to chocolate. On the positive side, this is one chocolate bunny whose head you can bite off in good conscience. By doing so, you’ll be terminating his evil zombie ways!