3 very cool pieces of consumer tech

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MP3 underwater, hybrid car, pet tracking

By James Careless –

MP3 players and water do not get along well, unless you have a Grace Digital Audio Eco Extreme waterproof case. This case comes with a built-in waterproof speaker and connector for your MP3 player, iPhone/iPod or smartphone; an onboard battery to deliver up to 30 hours of audio amplification, and extra room for keys, money and ID. Just open up the Eco Extreme, plug in and turn on your audio device, then close the waterproof seal. The speaker volume is controlled by this unit’s external volume control. That’s all there is to it! The Eco Extreme is available in yellow, green, orange or black, and can be found online at www.gracedigitalaudio.com/eco-extreme-p-113.html.

The 2011 Ford Fusion hybrid combines snappy performance, a stylish/sexy body and the amazing fuel-sipping power of a hybrid car; we’re talking getting up to 1,200 kilometres to a single tank! (Think of that every time you fill up your old gas guzzler.) The interior has lots of cutting-edge electronics, including an onboard navigation system and voice control. However, the best part of the Fusion hybrid – from this driver’s own experience – is that it is a solid, responsive driving machine. All of the fancy technology remains in the background when you press the gas pedal, and the engine roars into life. Details at www.ford.ca.

Finally, does your dog or cat go missing now that the warm weather has returned? Then consider getting a Loc8tor. This is a two-piece pet tracking device. One part is a small homing device that goes on your pet’s collar. The other is a credit card-sized remote with a small sound emitter and line of LED lights. Press the button: The closer you get, the stronger the audio cues and the more LEDs light up on the remote. You can then track the sounds to find your pet. The Loc8tor has a maximum range of 600′. The homing tags have unique identities, so you will not end up tracking the neighbour’s pet ferret by mistake. More at www.thinkgeek.com.