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Pride TO outlines the BLM vs. cops situation

On July 3, 2016, while participating in the Toronto Pride Parade, the organization Black Lives Matter (BLM) held an unexpected sit-in, effectively preventing and blocking the internationally-recognized celebration from continuing, which happened to also be the first time Canada’s Prime ...

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G20 kettling cop found guilty but won’t pay any real penalty

The top cop who disgraced himself and the Toronto Police Service during the G20 barbarity has been found culpable of discreditable conduct and unnecessary exercise of authority for ordering the kettling and wrongful imprisonment of hundreds both of protestors exercising ...

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A dysfunctional police board oversees Toronto police

John Sewell — In November the Toronto Police Services Board decided it would not review the police service budget in its detailed form, but instead simply approve a global spending limit of $957 million recommended by the chief. When the ...

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