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The Neo-Con ‘West’ and global destruction

Mark Taliano — The neo-con “West” and its allies want to destroy the Middle East so that they can control the Middle East. — Global Research Under the auspices of their imperial “New Middle East” project, the criminals (U.S–led NATO, the ...

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Seeds of Destruction: The diabolical world of genetic manipulation

Seeds of Destruction: The Diabolical World of Genetic Manipulation PREFACE. This is no ordinary book about the perils of GMO. By F. William Engdahl Global Research, March 26, 2015 Global Research 12 September 2013 Theme: Biotechnology and GMO  1790  293  457  5804 “Control ...

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Why US loses every war it starts and starts every war

Joachim Hagopian — America loses all its wars because it seems we’ve always been on the wrong side of history. Morally nor legally should any nation have the right to invade and occupy another sovereign nation, much less believe it ...

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