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US & NATO at Russia’s door is a global warfare strategy

Michel Chossudovsky, PhD — NATO has launched massive war-games in Poland, weeks ahead of a security summit in Warsaw. The Anaconda-16 is the biggest-ever military exercise by the Western military alliance in Poland since the end of the Polish People’s ...

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Guess who is behind the ISIL Caliphate Project?

Prof Michel Chossudovsky — The following article was first published in September 2014 at the outset of the air campaign “against the ISIS”. In recent developments Russia has officially joined the campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS). What are the ...

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Russia to make ISIS headway where US fails

Stephen Lendman — In over a year of Washington’s phony war on ISIS, they’re stronger with more territory than when US bombing began – targeting Syrian and Iraqi infrastructure, not terrorist forces or facilities. On September 30, things changed markedly. ...

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