Steve ‘Killer’ Harper gets meaner

Bill C-10 is a costly, cruel, unworkable anti-crime solution that has proven a failure in the U.S., makes streets meaner, not safer

By Jamie Biggar –

Bill C-10 would shift Canada to a cruel, costly and failed fill-the-prisons approach to justice. American states, like Texas, have tried and failed to reduce crime by putting more people in jail with longer sentences.

Texas came out of the experience poorer, but wiser. Republican lawmakers and judges from Texas are warning us not to repeat their mistake. Texas is now investing in crime prevention and rehabilitation. Our Conservative government is ignoring the evidence that mandatory sentences will make Canada meaner, not safer.”

The Crime Bill rejects proven crime prevention and rehabilitation strategies, and instead imposes mandatory sentences that will create hardened criminals, target the most vulnerable in our society, and force prison expansions that will cost our provinces dearly.

“The Omnibus Crime Bill is tough on taxpayers, democracy, and Canada’s most vulnerable. It’s wrong on crime,” said Susan Berry, a representative of Reclaim our Democratic Canada.

Biggar is Executive Director of 778-847-8205