By Annabelle Goodman –

84 Yorkville Ave.
416 926 1010


Superbly delicious! Artistically plated! Charming ambiance!

I remember the first evening I dined here. A friend and I just stumbled into this new little restaurant because it was there and we were hungry. I was thrilled with the gourmet food, excellent service and creative plating. I went back for a lunch to see if my first impression would hold. I was delighted with the $20.00 prix-fixe lunch menu. Once again the food was awesome. The regular menu also offers a variety of gourmet choices.

On this occasion three people came for a brunch. How nice that Sarah was once again our server. She knows the menu well and does a superb job. I don’t know how she did it all. She seemed to be the only person serving the tables. There was a good sized crowd and yet everybody seemed satisfied and was well looked after. She was amazing.

I thought the menu was great. There were so many offerings and we all had trouble choosing. There was definitely a ‘wow’ factor when the plates arrived.

Two of the gusts enjoyed Eggs Madelaine with Pacific salmon, brioche and berries.($12.00) I wanted to take a photo. Each plate was a different shape. The food was fresh and tasty and totally enjoyed. I opted for Salad Nicoise.($16.00) This was the best ever. The large piece of Ahi tuna was perfectly grilled. The small French style beans were crisp and tasty. The fingerling potatoes were hot and flavorful. A poached egg added an original touch to this French classic dish. Every morsel was appreciated.

French Toast with maple syrup and fresh berries is offered at $12.00. I noticed the guests at the next table enjoying the Steak Frites with eggs and tomato confit. Omelette lovers will have trouble choosing from the list. I have already decided that on my next visit I will have the Wild Mushroom with Spinach Omelette.($12.00) The Smoked Salmon, Asparagus and Sweet Onion Omelette also beckons.($12.00)

I think it is safe to say that whatever you order will be a creative gourmet experience.

Dinner, lunch and now brunch. All three visits were totally enjoyed.

The atmosphere is very French. Some art work adorns the walls. Other walls are made to seem like an old stone wall. You step down a few stairs to enter this restaurant. A few tables are outdoors at street level. The fresh daffodils on the tables made it all so inviting.

This is indeed a master chef. Sorrel is the gem of the Yorkville area.