By Annabelle Goodman –

1522 Bayview Ave.
416 489 4899


I was so excited when my grandson Brad announced he was coming in from Chicago with his beautiful Hillary. I love those two and wanted to hear all the latest details about their wedding plans. It also was Hillary’s birthday and I wanted to take them for lunch. We adore Indian food and Brad remembered my bringing him to Kamasutra on another visit to Toronto. This was their request.

It is centrally located and offers an elegant atmosphere. I have dined here on several occasions and the food is always superb. It is a high end experience with reasonable prices.

The Vegetable Samosas are traditional pastries filled with potatoes, green peas and cumin, served with tamarind chutney.($5.95) They are so delicious. It is possible to have a fabulous meal with several appetizers. The Pepper Shrimps are seared with spring onions, garlic cloves and crushed black pepper.($14.95) Onion Bhaji is one of my favorite. Onion rings are battered with Italian herbs and spices and served with chutney.($5.95)

The Tandoori Selctions are so tasty and prepared with a variety of herbs and marinades. The Sufiyani Salmon are velvety morsels of salmon flavored with  a blend of cumin and dill and roasted in the tandoor.($14.95) Harra Paneer Tikka are cubes of soft Indian cheese coated with a green marinade of herbs, spices and roasted in the tandoor.($10.95)

Lovers of Indian food know that Butter Chicken is a signature dish. Tender morsels of chicken are prepared with cream, tomato and fenugreek.($12.95) Bonay Bakra are pieces of lamb simmered in Karachi style in a fricassee of sliced onions and ginger, green pepper, tomatoes, green chilies and black cumin.($13.95) Malabar Fish Angoori offers fillet of fish marinated in tamarind and cumin seeds and then simmered in a delicate spiced gravy.($14.95)

The flavors are all exotic and the food is perfectly prepared. I love every bite of this tasty food.

We enjoyed the lunch specialty offers. Hillary ordered the Shrimp Masala.($12.95) As a lunch special it came with a samosa, rice, salad and Naan bread. Brad ordered the Eggplant Bharta.($8.95) It also included all the extras. I enjoyed my favorite Indian dish. Palak Paneer ($9.95) is a creamy spinach dish with cubes of Indian cheese. I could eat it every day. We sampled each others food and agreed that every bite was perfection.

The menu was extensive. I like the way the spice index is represented by the number of chilies on the menu with each item. You do not have to order hot food to enjoy Indian delights. To me Indian food is the mélange of herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of the prepared dish. I like my food quite hot with spices. It is possible to order a complete dinner with subtle and delicate spiced food.

Kamasutra has been in this location for a long time. They know what they are doing and it is always a pleasant dining experience. I hope Brad and Hillary enjoyed it as much as I did. I always love their company and I thoroughly enjoy a feast of good Indian food.

Save room for the traditional Kheer (Indian style rice pudding ($4.95) or Crème Brulee Cheesecake. ($6.95)

Beneath the appetizer suggestion is a statement that says it all

“Ignite the flames of desire and leave your taste buds tingling for more.”